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Your cancer pathway support guide: Your guide to key questions to ask when you are referred for tests to investigate for cancer, or if you have already been diagnosed with cancer.

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A suspected cancer referral can be an overwhelming experience. This guide has been developed to support you in making the right decisions for you and your needs. It provides key questions to ask during your appointments and consultations. It also allows you to make notes as you go along, print sections as you need and signposts you to relevant information.

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I can view my guide from all my devices. I can add my own notes and edit these when I need.

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Both online and paper options contain the same questions. Your healthcare professionals will be able to support you, to get the most out of using them.

For some visitors to this website, the guide may be hard to understand and use. If you usually need a family member, friend, carer or support worker to help you when you see your doctor or go to hospital, then please click here.