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Using the Your cancer pathway support guide

How to access your cancer pathway support guide

Below, we provided you with a unique URL that will take you to your own personal cancer pathway support guide. You can click on the link to access it. Once you are on the link, any notes or changes you make on the guide will only be seen and changed by you.

What does it include?
The guide includes information, questions and support for when a person is being investigated under the suspected cancer referral pathway. 

You can also keep notes, add your questions for when attending your next appointment or any other information you would like to remember, for the next time you visit the digital guide. 

What would happen to my notes if I closed my browser?
Your notes will be saved as you go along and you can return to your guide to edit and add more notes on any device by saving your unique URL.

Can I add any personal information such as contact details or NHS number?
No, you should avoid recording your name or any other personally identifiable information such as your NHS number in your notes.

NOTE – Your unique webpage link (URL) is personal to you, but it is not completely secure. We advise people to NOT record personally identifiable information on the page.

Your Unique URL is: